I started my creative career writing for live performance comedy and I still love bringing humour into my work. Since then, I’ve been involved in project development for corporate clients from Content is Queen to the BBC, written scripted audio fiction for Rusty Quill and Doctor Who, and both written and edited numerous tabletop games. My recent tabletop gaming book, Odd Jobs, won Best Roleplaying Game Adventure at the UK Games Expo and was nominated for a number of Ennies, including Product of the Year.

While I always enjoy bringing genre into my work, my favourite projects engage with sci-fi or low fantasy in unexpected ways. I’m keen to work on playful projects with a thoughtful heart, and I would dearly love to write for Star Wars someday.

Published Work

  • Episode 5, Doctor Who: Redacted, BBC Sounds
  • Of That Colossal Wreck, Rusty Quill
  • What the Ghost, Rusty Quill
  • Odd Jobs, MacGuffin & Co.
  • Zero Void, MacGuffin & Co.
  • Billionaire Dragon, MacGuffin & Co.
  • Planet Dune: the very official RPG for people who have definitely read and understood the book(s?)
  • Himbo Treasure Hunt, with Grant Howitt, Rowan, Rook and Decard
  • Cross Roads’ for Pretentious Games for Villains and Bastards, ed. Jessica Crimes
  • ‘Hammer of the Earth’, with Jonathan Sims, Ben Meredith and Anil Godigamuwe, for The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book, ed. James D’Amato
  • ‘Mythology’, for The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book, ed. James D’Amato

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