Jane Austen

I’ve somehow become a semi-professional Jane Austen fan, largely by accident. No, it doesn’t really fit with my personal brand. Yes, I really do like her work this much. Please, please have me on your Good Society actual plays.

Jane Austen Book Club

I host the Jane Austen Book Club, reading and discussing Jane Austen’s works on my Twitch channel every Sunday afternoon. Think of it like a fun, very low-key English lit class with an over-enthusiastic (and under-prepared) substitute teacher. We’re currently reading Emma.

Jane Austentations

A podcasted co-hosted with Jessica Law, as we attempt to watch and review every Jane Austen adaptation ever filmed. Find us wherever you get your podcasts.


Listen to my guest appearance on Your Most Humble & Obedient Servant here.

I appeared on the Jane Austen episode of Enthusigasm from Rusty Quill, so you can also listen to that if you’re a member of their Patreon.

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