Podcast Appearances

  • Co-host, Jane Austentations
  • Georgie Barker, The Magnus Archives (Winner, Audio Verse Award for Performance of a Supporting Role in an Existing Production, 2021)
  • Elder Grace, Secrets of St. Kilda
  • Juno (Nibiru), Realms of Peril & Glory
  • Recurring GM/Player, Rusty Quill Gaming
  • Blaze, (Hammer of the Earth), One Shot Podcast
  • Alonso Persimmon, Power Word Roll
  • Guest, Your Most Humble & Obedient Servant
  • Guest, Enthusigasm


Find me on Twitch where I play tabletop games on the MacGuffin & Co. channel, and stream the Jane Austen Book Club on my personal channel (both on Sundays).

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